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  • Do not take vitamin or mineral supplements, antacids, didanosine together with Levaquin as they could make it much less effective.

  • You need to be particularly cautious with such medications as antacids having magnesium or aluminum, abscess medication, didanosine, vitamin or mineral supplements.

  • It's therefore really crucial that you discuss your therapy with your wellness treatment supplier before staring to take Levaquin.

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  • Taking Levaquin is connected with a number of mild side impacts that typically tend to go away on their own.

  • Some much more significant impacts are ordeals, insomnia, uneasyness, suicidal ideas and tremblings.

  • If you have other chronic conditions that you believe have to be discussed - likewise tell your medical professional regarding them to ensure you obtain optimal profit from your procedure.

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Make certain you quit utilizing Levaquin and tell your health care supplier if you experience any one of the complying with major however rather rare negative effects: bloody or watery looseness of the bowels, fainting, confusion, aberrations, joint discomfort, pins and needles, red skin rash, peeling off and blistering, dark colored weakness, seizure or pee.

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If you think you need to be taking Levaquin and are anticipating a baby, always make certain you talk to your medical professional.

If you think you need to take some supplement or vitamin it's ideal to discuss this decision with your healthcare company.